Penrith City Council

The City of Penrith is one of Sydney’s largest local government authorities, covering more than 400 square kilometres and including both densely populated and agricultural areas. The area also includes two central business districts, at Penrith and St. Mary’s.

Business Need

With Penrith City growing at such a rapid pace, the Council has had to boost its investment in IT infrastructure to meet its growing responsibilities.

With more resources at risk, an effective power protection strategy had become a major priority.

How NPS Helped

NPS realised that the existing 15kVA system, installed six years ago, needed replacement, and implemented a new Powerware 3-phase 40kVA UPS system to ensure clean and stable power. NPS also placed a large surge diverter on the input of the main switchboard at the point of entry to the IT room. The surge protection device provided lightning/surge protection and UPS for continuity during power outages.


Penrith City’s IT systems and data are protected in the event of surges and outages, protecting its IT investment and ensuring continuity of service and operation.

Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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