Micro-Data Centre Success In Restrictive Council Space

The Customer
NPS teamed up with a large NSW council to safeguard their data centres and establish a disaster recovery centre to protect their infrastructure in the event of a catastrophic failure.

The Problem
While the council had multiple scattered spaces that could support small IT solutions, the conditions in these locations were highly susceptible to dust, fumes, and high humidity. This presented a challenge as traditional power solutions require highly controlled environments, built to support sensitive IT equipment. The rooms could not be altered to fit these specific environmental criteria, so NPS was tasked with devising a creative solution to suit the budget and infrastructure of the customer.

The Solution 

NPS supplied a fully enclosed Micro-Data Centre, to maximise the utility of the small space available and ensure minimal disruption to council activities during installation and removal. The fully enclosed solution can support heat loads up to 3kW and includes professional dust protection and required no modifications to the room. The solution also features a low volume operation, preventing noise disturbance at the busy council premises. With comprehensive environmental monitoring, remote serial access and KVM, the micro-data centre provided a complete turnkey solution for the customer.

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