IT Downsizing For Cloud Integration

The Customer

NPS worked with Australia’s leading professional tax association and educator, renowned for their continuous input and improvement of the tax system through advancement of knowledge, member support and advocacy, to build a compact IT solution for their evolving business needs.

The Problem

With a constantly growing business model, the customer was relocating to a larger premises in North Sydney, and subsequently consolidating their IT data centre infrastructure into the cloud. This resulted in the need to downsize their existing IT infrastructure from an extensive network to a single IT rack of switches, storage and voice services. The new IT room was to be located on the 37th floor of the high-rise premises, central to the clients call centre. With no location for an external condenser to regulate the room environment, and a requirement to maintain reduced noise levels, NPS built a custom data centre solution to suit.

The Solution

The conclusion to this was to provide a micro data centre solution to the customer that provided 3.5kw of cooling and a 5kVA UPS power supply with redundant power to support the cooling in the event of power failure. NPS worked in conjunction with the site engineers to redirect the heat from the cabinet through the ceiling void, and to adjust for this using the building air conditioning. Within a single day, the unit was installed and commissioned to provide a compact, enclosed, and quiet edge micro data centre solution with minimal disruption.

Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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