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Natural Power Solutions is a provider of critical power and cooling solutions. NPS partners with enterprise organisations managing and implementing their UPS and Cooling. NPS provides the value of understanding the APAC critical infrastructure and making “ out of the box” solutions possible.

Take this example where a standard on-premise data centre required an extension of its existing battery autonomy.  A review of the possibilities in managing an increase of battery autonomy for this Global Insurance firm in Auckland highlighted both space and floor loading issues.

NPS worked with the client, building facilities and contractors to run 70 Meters of DC Cable from the on-premise DC to a basement car park where we installed the upgraded batteries. All are fitted with a battery monitoring system. The oversizing of the cable was a necessary calculation in NPS delivering this project.

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Industry Solutions

Over 25 years NPS has provided quality power protection across a broad and diverse range of industries.

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Case Studies

|   Case Studies, Communication, Government

Schneider Electric Micro Data Center

NPS worked with Kolbe College in Melbourne to supply and install a fully contained and cooled rack solution throughout the college. Kolbe College is a co-educational Year 7 – 12…
|   Case Studies, Government

Micro-Data Centre Success In Restrictive Council Space

The Customer NPS teamed up with a large NSW council to safeguard their data centres and establish a disaster recovery centre to protect their infrastructure in the event of a…
|   Case Studies, Communication

IT Downsizing For Cloud Integration

The Customer NPS worked with Australia’s leading professional tax association and educator, renowned for their continuous input and improvement of the tax system through advancement of knowledge, member support and…

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