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Eaton ExoCab Outdoor Enclosures

The Eaton ExoCab outdoor telecommunications cabinets are a range of versatile, cost effective outdoor cabinets for a wide range of electronics applications. They can be configured for DC power, UPS,…
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Eaton P Series Rack

P Series, the industry leading enclosure system, is compatible with virtually all major servers, switches and other networking equipment that provides unparalleled levels of storage, cooling, power integration, cable management…
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Vertiv Knurr Rack

The Knurr Miracel® is a truly multitalented innovation: the platform technology is the starting point for a versatile range of rack, which has already been setting recognised standards as the…
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SafeWell SSG Series

Strong, high quality racks, built for commercial grade data centres. 24U, 42U and 48U sizes Safewell Server Racks provide for cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring for application…
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