Why use a UPS?


1. Support your critical equipment

Power outages can be a major source of frustration for your business, especially when they lead to expensive down-time and loss of data. While generators can eventually get you back up and running while your power is restored, they may not kick in fast enough to avoid interruptions or data loss. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can kick in almost instantaneously, bridging the gap. This will give you enough time to save any necessary work, power down your equipment and rescue your data before identifying your power interruption issues and solving them at the source.

2. Work with the experts

Power protection provides an assurance that your business will be protected from the unexpected, and this type of forward planning deserves to be met with a solution that is guaranteed to be effective. Working with a team who understand your business as well as the options available to you will ensure that you are fully supported in making the right decision, and that you minimize your risk wherever possible.

3. Support your investments

Installing power protection equipment is just the first step in keeping your business running in the event of an outage- after all, you wouldn’t buy a car and forget to service it regularly. Having your protection equipment checked routinely for any errors, faults, or degraded parts gives you the confidence that it could kick in at a moments notice, performing at its peak to provide you with constant, clean power. Regular, standard preventative maintenance can also avoid a hefty repairs cost if problems are caught early, before they can cause any damage.

4. Keep your systems updated

We love to see your business thrive, but it is important that as you grow and the value of your infrastructure increases, your power protection keeps pace too. Allowing for some growing space in your original installation is a great way to reduce pressure on your equipment and ensure you are always protected. This goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that you upgrade your capacity as necessary, so that you are always prepared when disaster strikes.