Eaton 93PR

Category: AC UPS Systems, Eaton, Online UPS (Corporate/Large Business)

Eaton 93PR UPS is a world-class modular, scalable and hot swappable UPS. Lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability – taking scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency to the next level. Industry-leading efficiency exceeds 96% in double conversion mode and reaches top 99% with Eaton’s ESS technology. Together with world-class intelligent software solutions for monitoring and management, Eaton 93PR is the surest way to secure the continuity of your mission critical applications.

Product Highlights

  • Above 96% efficiency in double conversion mode
  • Optimised double conversion efficiency – Variable Module Management System (VMMS), achieving greater efficiency at lower load levels, but optimum efficiency at all load levels.
  • Energy Saver System enables > 99% efficiency across the UPS operating range. When operating in ESS mode, load is protected with inherent surge suppression.
  • A module can be replaced or added while the other continues protecting the load (concurrent maintenance & hot scalable)
  • The 93PR provides easier access to detailed status information through its large, user-friendly 7” LCD touchscreen interface.
    With the 93PR’s graphical LCD interface you can track statistics on energy savings, battery time, outage tracking, load profiling and much more
  • Unique charging algorithm prolongs battery service life significantly compared to traditional charging methods, with battery health data available for viewing easily through the display

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