Environmental And Safety Refurbishment Solution

The Customer

When a Canberra-based government agency commenced refurbishments on their premises, they enlisted NPS to work with them from project management to installation and onwards to preventative maintenance and servicing.

The Problem

In the process of renovating their offices, the agency identified high levels of asbestos in their computer rooms. A dangerous environmental contaminant, asbestos requires careful handling and specialist environmental procedure to ensure there is no risk to the health of those in the area. This can be a disruptive and drawn out process, impacting the workplace for a significant length of time.

The Solution

NPS proposed a 3-Rack Micro Data Centre solution to be built at an alternative location on site, while the IT room was refurbished. Once this was complete, the Micro Data Centre was moved into the room in a fire rated battery cabinet, in order to comply with government fire rating requirements. The solution comprised of a 3-rack row of IT racks, a 20kVA UPS, power distribution, a 25kw air cooled CRAC, and a fire suppression system and fire rated battery modules enclosed in a fire-rated enclosure. This provided a complete environmental monitoring and automatic fire detection and suppression system, entirely pre-built and shipped to site for fast installation and maximum efficiency.

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